Services for Surveyors

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Surveyors and specifiers are expected to understand all aspects of construction, an extraordinary task in its own right. 

One area Bailey are specialists in is flat roofing. With over 45 years in the industry and in particular the flat roofing market, Bailey have the knowledge and expertise that only years of experience can provide. 

The founders of the company have worked on the tools and that hands-on knowledge has filtered through the company. We understand not only the theory, but the practical application as well, in great detail. 

The value of nearly half a century of flat roofing experience is available to surveyors today. 

We believe that collaboration with our clients is key to ensuring that projects are designed, specified, installed and completed on time, and to high standards. 

Large flat roofs, particularly ones that are not overlooked, often suffer from poor maintenance and repairs/refurbishment often only happen once there is a problem. A flat roof is subjected to blazing heat and UV radiation from the sun, freezing cold snow and ice as well as all the other elements in between. 

Prevention is better than cure. 

Pre-emptively surveying, specifying and carrying out remedial works saves huge amounts of disruption, time and cost for the building owners and we are here, every step of the way, to support, advise and monitor the correct installation of the new flat roof system. 

At the forefront of this is our Free-of-Charge Site Condition Survey & Report Service.  

Bailey representatives will visit site and carry out a thorough investigative survey of the roof’s existing condition including taking core samples to ascertain the current build-up and deck construction and determine its suitability to overlay or if the old system will need stripping up. 

Old roofs in need of refurbishment are often poorly designed and can suffer from ponding water, inadequate insulation thicknesses and upstand heights. Bailey supply bespoke tapered insulation schemes, as part of the roofing package, to upgrade the thermal elements as well as ensuring all rainwater is removed from the roof by positive falls. The service includes diagnostic analysis tests that are run by the Technical Team to calculate U-Values, wind uplift, flow-rates and condensation risk, giving you peace-of-mind that all aspects have been thoroughly reviewed and designed accordingly. 

Moisture mapping and leak detection tests can also be arranged if the roof is large to ensure that no areas of trapped moisture are missed. 

Following the survey, a detailed photographical report will be written up. The next step is the creation of an in-depth remedial specification covering all aspects from preparation through to installation guidance for each of the specific details that have been identified on site. 

Any bespoke details on site can be clearly detailed by our in-house CAD technicians to produce bespoke section drawings and to clearly layout how the detail should be waterproofed. 

We believe that personality is important too. Bailey has big business capabilities with a small company culture. The Bailey flat roofing team is made up of people who give a personal touch and care about true long-term partnerships.

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