The guide to Bailey flat roofing products

29th March 2021

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At a time when more attention is being paid to the environment and space-saving, flat roofs are increasingly becoming an interesting solution with many advantages. A flat roof opens many possibilities, for example, it can become an additional level to use as a garden or terrace, or a platform to collect solar energy. Flat roofing can be both aesthetic and economical depending on the different types of flat roofing systems you choose for your project.

When building a residential or a commercial building you must pay attention to a multitude of elements – such as weather and noise – and your choice of a roof is fundamental. The evolution in flat roof design has resulted in continuous improvement in their capacities as insulators and for waterproofing all types of buildings.

To allow water to flow, a flat roof will never be completely flat. On small surfaces the roof will be very slightly curved; on large surfaces, the roof will have a small slope (less than 5%) and several drainage holes. Different types of flat roofing systems are available, to suit any project, budget or preference.

Atlantic Single Ply Roofing

Bailey Atlantic is a single-ply roofing membrane made from TPE (thermoplastic polyethene). Unlike PVC, often used in roofing, TPE does not contain any harmful chemicals such as chlorides, fluorides or plasticisers. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice, and completely recyclable at any stage of its life. The absence of chemicals is also beneficial for the contractor, as it won’t produce any carcinogenic fumes during installation, eliminating the risk of run-off water contamination.

Bailey Atlantic membrane is easy and fast to install as only one layer is required. The Atlantic ply is installed with hot air guns, instead of torches and boilers, considerably reducing the risk of fire. Due to its flexibility, Atlantic can be folded in advance and formed to suit any shape, even the most unique.

This single-ply roofing membrane is also characterised by its strength and its ability to resist fire, mechanical damages, root penetration and UV light, making it a versatile and sustainable membrane. Its material is designed to withstand temperatures between a freezing minus 40 and sweltering 130 degrees. Plus, in case of any damage, it is simple to have Atlantic repaired and rewelded years after its initial installation.

System 5000

System 5000, with its traditional mineral, felt finish and modified bitumen is a good alternative for those who are looking for a more affordable option, or who prefer a bitumen system. System 5000 is easy, fast and safe to install – using hot air – eliminating any fire risk. Flame free installation is an ideal choice for the refurbishment of old buildings as it allows cleaner and safer site conditions and considerably reduces the disturbance for any residents of a building. System 5000 has a range of fixings and preformed components, ensuring personalised and precise detailing.

Here at Bailey we always make sure to use the latest technology and conscientiously monitor the manufacturing process. The quality control of our manufacturing process is rigorous and in accordance with ISO 9001. The System 5000 has a life expectancy of over 30 years, with its ability to absorb substrate movement and its untearable polyester material, making it a cost-effective and reliable option for your flat roof.

System 17000

Bailey System 17000 is our leading bitumen felt membrane system, the result of constant development and improvement. By using the latest technologies, this long-lasting, high-quality membrane, is a great value for money as it requires less maintenance in the long-term. This product is constantly reviewed to maintain the perfect balance of bitumen, plasticisers and fillers to ensure high resistance and top-quality waterproofing.

System 17000 is a well-established solution in the Bailey range, its reliability, robustness and sustainability making it the first choice in the flat roof market. System 1700 first appeared on the market in 1985 and has been able to remain at the forefront of the flat roofing industry due to its quick installation process and general longevity.

The system’s thermal adhesive underlay reduces installation time, as when heated it easily fixes to the substrate. With its proven resistance, this membrane is an excellent choice for projects where high-performance is crucial. This membrane is resistant to UV light and it's 4mm cap sheet makes it particularly tough – boasting a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

System 17000 Plus

Bailey System 17000 Plus is a PAO (poly-alpha olefin) modified single layer bituminous felt membrane, combining the best properties of SBS and APP modified bitumen in order to have the best quality resistant membrane. This single layer is specially designed to be versatile, flexible and resistant even in extreme weather. It is possible to install System 17000 Plus in environments subject to extreme temperatures, hot and cold, for both new buildings and when refurbishing inhabited buildings. The single-layer membrane is quick and easy to install and ensures an optimal waterproofing solution.

With a thickness of 4mm, its PAO modification technology, temperature resistance and flexibility, this membrane has excellent longevity. These qualities make System 17000 Plus a good choice for buildings looking for a high-quality and competent product. Its properties – such as its strength, durability and anti-root layer – make it an ideal choice when installing a green roof.

Bailey Classic Roofing

The Bailey Classic roofing membrane is a versatile product, specifically designed to resist extreme temperatures and maintain its flexibility for flat roof constructions. It’s an adaptable system, ideal for new buildings as well as the refurbishments of residential and commercial constructions. The system has a choice of two membrane thicknesses – 2mm or 4mm – depending on the project, and also is available in various coloured minerals finishes: green, black and tweed.

Made from modified SBS (styrene-butyl styrene), which gives the membrane extra flexibility, it is an easy and secure product to install. Bailey Classic is ideal for use in colder weather, maintaining its flexibility even in the coldest conditions. This flexibility, added to its high bond strength, resistance to damages and breakdown, and capacity to absorb substrate movement, give this membrane great longevity and long-term performance.

Bailey Commodity Systems

The Bailey Commodity System is a high-quality special modified plastomeric bitumen membrane with polyester reinforcement. This high-quality product is an ideal choice for projects on a limited budget.

The Bailey Commodity System is high quality and available in different coloured mineral and sanded finishes to suit different needs. With its ability to absorb thermal movement and resist heat in warmer weather conditions, it’s a sustainable product and excellent value for money. This system is also available with underlays, vapour controls, vapour barriers and cap sheets, in order to offer you a whole cost-effective solution for your projects.

It’s not always easy to identify which flat roofing membrane is the most suited to your needs, project and budget. That’s why our comparison chart is here to help you. Our table is your reference point when comparing the thickness, weights and materials of the different flat roofing membranes on offer.