The ‘hole’ truth – perforated facades!

29th March 2021

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Perforated metals have increasingly found favour with architects and designers as they search for innovative products and finishes to enhance a building’s aesthetics. Perforated facades, including rainscreen cladding, help to add a distinctive personality to a building exterior at the same time as performing its important function.

The simple fact that metals can be formed, trimmed, shaped and cut to meet any design whilst incorporating perforations in differing shapes and sizes is the main reason why metal cladding is being specified on key projects by an increasing number of architects. Perforated facades are perfectly compatible with both new build and refurbishment projects and offer an innovative solution to upgrading a building aesthetically.

In addition to this, perforated facades are increasingly and very satisfyingly being used to create media walls, showing up to one-minute news blasts or advertising clips.

So, what are the advantages of perforated facades?

Creative – Perforated facades allow interaction with natural and artificial light, both as a means of creating night-time lighting effects, media walls and providing solar shading during the day. In addition to this perforation can be used to create geometric designs and shapes thus increasing the building aesthetics.

Innovative – Perforations can be used to produce bespoke designs to meet the requirements of the architects’ specifications.

Cost-Effective – perforated facades offer a cost-effective refurbishment option to upgrade the aesthetics of an old building.

Lightweight – perforated panels are comparably lighter weight, therefore, offering a sun shading solution as well as helping reduce loadings on the structure of a building.

Whether used internally or externally, perforations create a dialogue between spaces, obscuring or inviting views as required and keeping temperature and brightness at a pleasant and practical level. Shade and privacy will continue to be the key purposes of perforated facades however the potential applications are greater than ever Bailey has the expertise to tailor 3-dimensional patterns and punching effects on your eaves and façades systems to meet the requirements for each project. From weave to squares, etched finishes and embossing, Bailey can translate these onto your projects for optimum aesthetics.