Elwick Place

Bold. Beautiful. Bespoke.

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Mike Pearson


Winchester, Hampshire




Architectural Facades


New build

The challenge

Stunning yet complex.  Intricate and beautiful, this bespoke design needed to be delivered within stringent architectural constraints. Our mission? Should we choose to accept it - which we did, of course: to work in a co-operative partnership to supply a high-quality product on time and within budget. 

The solution and approach

Bailey's technical expertise and forward-thinking, pro-active approach added considerable overall value to the project.  And, was instrumental in delivering superb results.  With practical, high-quality packaging and meticulous transport logistics, Bailey kept ahead of the curve to create and solidify a strong partnership.


Project Architect Mike Pearson said of Bailey, "I knew I could pick up the phone and speak to the team at Bailey, and that any issues would be resolved.  The people of Ashford love Elwick Place, it's received an amazing response". 

The result

Here at Bailey, we're delighted that our first collaboration with Guy Hollaway Architects was so successful, that it was the start of a great working partnership.  This high-profile architectural practice now views us as their go-to company for complicated façades.


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