The Bluff, Bournemouth

Installation of a flat roofing system with no disturbance to the bluff residents.

Flat roofing installed at the Bluff, Bournemouth


Bryan Mellor






Flat Roofing



The challenge

A thorough inspection of the 780 sq m roof was carried out. A core sample was taken to assess thermal conditions. Results showed that the roof was in poor condition and the work needed to start immediately. Before work could be started, the old roof had to be stripped down to the deck. The previous underlying product was strawboard, which had been in place for over 30 years and had deteriorated badly. This was a delicate process as the product had become softened by water ingress and was not safe to walk on.

In addition to this, tenants would need to be able to remain in their flats while the work took place. 

The solution and approach

Once the dangerous old roofing had been carefully removed, Bailey Sure-Firm insulation was installed to protect new products from a similar fate, followed by System 5000.

Managing director, Bryan Mellor, commented: “System 5000 was absolutely the best product for the Bluff’s roof. It was very easy and quick to install and what’s more, didn’t require the use of named flames or boilers. We’ve installed it on other projects many times since The Bluff and we’re always happy with the results.”

The result

Satisfied with the product and its installation upon final inspection, Bailey awarded The Bluff’s roof with a robust 20-year guarantee, giving the residents peace of mind well into the future.

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