Why Bailey?

Here at Bailey, we don't just say we'll work in close collaboration with you, we do it. A great working partnership focuses on listening, hearing and understanding.  So, that's what we're all about, working with architects and contractors, getting to know you as people in order to demonstrate that we've really heard what you need, and importantly, what your client needs. Our aim? To help you deliver your project to the highest quality and build standards; within budget and on time. 

Architectural facade clad buildings above the shops at Elwick Place

Over 4 decades of experience...

Founded in 1975, we have authentic, in-depth technical and aesthetic knowledge of architectural  façades for the most impactful and positive results for your project. Without doubt, this is a fast-moving area of construction, which has seen many changes.  So, here at Bailey, we've invested in the essential skills, resources and expertise to keep pace with the developing needs of our clients. 

We're not just about beautiful, durable outsides of buildings, we're not even just about a rigorous, fully fire-tested, safety-first approach. Our knowledge and expertise are a reflection of our longevity in the business and reflect our understanding of the needs of architects and contractors when it comes to completing the project and delivering stunning results.

Our Values

Modern facade design at Elwick Place
Cladding panels installed at the Dyson Institute
Beautiful rainscreen cladding at Cavendish Place
Bracknell lexicon utilising Bailey rainscreen cladding panels
Our Systems

We're proud of our systems. They are developed from our four decades of experience and we think, represent the best available. It doesn't matter if your project is a standard refurbishment or a complex and stunning new build, our range of systems covers all. Add to this our Bailey experts and customer commitment and we're confident we can help you succeed!


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