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We’re a family-established business, founded in 1975 bringing more than four decades of experience to the design and manufacture of high-quality architectural facades and roofing systems.

It is the work we do in close collaboration with architects and contractors that makes us stronger together and exemplifies the Bailey difference.

Close up of a window and cladding panels at Elwick Place
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Putting people first We're people first and building envelope specialists second. So, we look after each other - and our clients. We know that from a clear understanding of your needs comes great service. It's about being pro-active, professional, and collaborative. Simple.
Standing the test of time The world is a different place since 1975. Whilst fashions come and go, one thing stays the same: Bailey's forward-thinking approach in the specialist area of façades and roofing, and our commitment to making the working lives of architects and contractors easier.
Doing what others can't We are often called on to undertake the complex projects that others avoid. Why? Because we care about your success. It's the time to understand your project and the trust in our own expertise that together, bring your vision to life.
Meet some of the team
Daniel Gilmore
James Bricknell
Peter Woods
Lee Railton
Clare Molenaar
Ionut Celmic
Yorke Gilmore
Nigel Payne

Bailey in the Community

Here at Bailey, we care deeply about the world around us, and the people in it.  So, we take great care to give back to our community as much and as effectively as we can.

In 2020 we contributed to the construction of vital NHS Nightingale Hospitals, several schools' projects, and designed and built dispensers for much-needed hand sanitiser. As a team we donate to Macmillan Cancer Support, Great Ormand Street Hospital and the Grace Trust.

Certificate Image 565x565 Facade ElwickPlace2 Walkway beside the University of Brimingham Library