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Bailey believe in providing SOLUTIONS, not just supply.


The Bailey Flat Roofing Product Range is wide and varied, including high performance bitumen felts, single ply membranes and cold-applied liquid systems.


Interchangeability and compatibility across the product range means that the best solution can be tailored to the specific needs of your roof. Bailey have been in the roofing industry since 1975 and the accumulation of those 45+ years of built-up experience are available to specifiers and contractors today.

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A flat roof is an investment.

If designed and installed correctly, and with high performance-products, a flat roof waterproofing system will protect your building for more than 30 years.


We realise the importance of designing a flat roof with the end result in view.  The up-front knowledge, expertise and services are available to our valued clients to ensure the longevity of waterproofing that your project needs is achieved.

Bailey System 17000 FR Roofing Systems

Learn more about the Bailey System 17000 FR high-performance bitumen felt range

Want To Go Over It?

Factors to Consider when Choosing to Overlay - It may be possible to overlay an old flat roof that needs refurbishment but carrying out a thorough and careful examination of the existing build-up and structure is crucial before the decision to overlay is made.

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