Flat Roofing and Sustainability. Optimise Your Next Project

9th June 2020

Flat Roofing Sustainability showcased with the green eco roofing at St Andrews Links
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Economic Installation

Compared with other roofing options, the installation process of flat roofing is a lot more economic and streamlined with a simpler process that requires a smaller team. The Bailey System 5000 is a great example of a single layer flat roofing solution that proves just how sustainable and economic flat roof installation can be. It is installed using hot air which not only reduces the risk of fire and injury caused by hot bitumen installation but also makes the process rapid and efficient.


The longevity of the flat roofing will increase the building's sustainability. Flat roofing is long-lasting. Depending on the solution you use, flat roofing can last between 10-25 years with the original warranty and has a total life expectancy way beyond that. If flat roofing gets old or is damaged it will be comparatively cheaper and easier to repair. The Bailey Atlantic flat roofing solution is environmentally neutral and is fully recyclable. It is made of thermoplastic elastomers that are unaffected by UV light resulting in a longer total life expectancy than other flat roofing solutions.

Eco-Roofs/Green Roofing

Eco Roofs/Green Roofing are environmentally friendly alternatives to standard flat roofing solutions. Green Roofing combines biodiverse planting with waterproof roofing to create a living green roof. These living roofs are beneficial to the environment, helping to filter pollution and improving the insulation values of the building. Bailey Eco-Roof systems come complete with a whole range of components, accessories and a wide variety of planting options.

Spatial Efficiency 

Using a flat roof provides the build with additional space that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Air conditioning units and HCAS plants can be installed on the roof instead of the ground. Other sustainable additions can also be implemented into your build such as solar panels, roof lights, terraces and roof gardens that not only cut down the carbon footprint of the project but also help the build be more energy efficient.

Increased Accessibility

Flat roofing is usually more accessible than sloped roofs. Easy access allows inspections and repairs to be addressed with less risk. Although proper care should be taken when accessing any type of roof, flat roofs are often much safer and more stable.