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Flat Roofing



The challenge

Bailey has supplied Wey Valley Academy with 1000 square metres of the 17000FR Flat Roofing System, Bailey’s highest performing bitumen felt roofing system. The exceptionally durable bitumen waterproofing was chosen to refurbish three classroom blocks at the academy in Weymouth.

Bailey was chosen because of the quality and choice of products, combined with an expert understanding of building requirements and highly detailed, bespoke roof specifications. They have also built a good working relationship with Ambitions Academies Trust over the past four years, being selected for multiple projects in that time.


The solution and approach

Bailey worked directly with the Estates Director Ian Hawkins, providing an initial survey to assess the waterproofing and condition of the existing roof assembly. The subsequent detailed specification addressed the need to eliminate the risk of condensation and incorporate numerous roof accessories and penetrations, such as rooflights, HVAC plant, soil vent pipes and additional outlets. By including all rooflights and roof accessories, Bailey were able to provide a single-point product guarantee.

Ian Hawkins commented: “I was very impressed with the quality and detail of Bailey’s proposal, which brought together three different areas of roof”. He went on to say: “Bailey also developed detailed drawings for the realignment of air conditioning units, in conjunction with the roofing contractor. And to achieve more efficient water dispersal, the technical team at Bailey devised a cut-to-fall system.

Commenting on behalf of Bailey, Flat Roof Sales Manager Rowan McIntyre added: “We were delighted to be chosen to work on Wey Valley Academy and help achieve a quality roof refurbishment that will protect the buildings for many years to come. As well as eliminating condensation risk and providing efficient waterproofing and rainwater dispersal, the 17000FR Flat Roofing System meets the highest possible fire performance classification of BROOF(t4) under Building Regulations Approved Document B.”

Bailey’s System 17000FR is a premium, waterproof flat roofing system. It is manufactured with a polyester carrier and coated in modified bitumen, which provides both strength and flexibility; a combination that inferior bitumen felt compositions cannot deliver. It can be applied using a traditional torch-on method or by using a self-adhesive system where a flame-free option is required. The fixing method on Wey Valley Academy was a combination of both torch-on and self-adhesive and the roofing contractor, Warner Contracting, met the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidelines when installing the roof system. 

Bitumen has stood the test of time and has been used as a waterproofing material for thousands of years. Precursors to modern bitumen membranes were being used for waterproofing as far back as the early 19thcentury and hundreds of years of innovation has seen the material become stronger, more durable, and easier to install. 

Growing from a small business established in 1975, Bailey boasts a wide and growing range of roofing products, meaning that it can guide customers towards the most effective solution; whether Bitumen-Felt or Single-Ply membranes, Cold or Hot Applied Liquids or even Living Roofs. 

The wide range of flat roofing and architectural facade systems available from Bailey represents a combined roof and wall offer that is Stronger Together.

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